Inspiration: Abandoned Imperial Mining Facility

Watching the first three episodes of Andor has my little mind all lit up with the new places, ships, and aliens I witnessed last night. I’ve enjoyed all 3 previous Disney+ Star Wars-based shows to greater or lesser extents, but Andor might turn out to be on a whole other level. The sets are extensive and varied, including an Imperial Mining Facility and a Star Wars-first brothel and red-light district. Although the original trilogy centered around the concept that Darth Vader had children, there’s never been much attention paid to how children get made. Now we know – people in the galaxy far, far away have adult needs just like people in our own infinitely less awesome galaxy.

So far, the show has taken viewers to three new planets: Ferrix, Morlana, and Kenari. For today’s collection of inspirational images, I drew from what I saw of Kenari’s abandoned Imperial mining operation shown as part of Andor’s flashbacks. Had a devastating accident not derailed the project, it looked as if the Empire would have been happy to strip-mine Kenari down to its core.

Here are several images that might give you a closer look at what other mining locations around the Empire’s less fortunate planets may look like once the resources are gone. Or after they’ve met with a catastrophic “accident”…

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