The Week of Nerd-pocalypse

This week’s word count: 18,285.

Not a mega-productive week of writing, but still any forward progress counts (right?). A LOT of writers insist that it’s most important to just plow ahead with your first draft. I’ve had trouble embracing that approach, though. When I look back at what I’ve written, I think, “No one is ever going to understand this shit.” Sometimes, that even includes me (which is bad).

So, the word count increase you see from last week has been to plump up chapters I’ve already written. You might think, “More isn’t necessarily better.” You’d also be someone that hasn’t read one of my first passes. Trust me. More IS better in this case. I’ll take out those nasty, filler, extra words later.

This is going to be a tough week for me to add to the word count total. (Hence, Nerd-pocalypse.) For whatever reason, the Masters of the Universe (that’s original, right?) have decided to FILL my pop-culture-to-do cup up to its tippy-top this week. Let’s see what’s coming up, shall we?

Wednesday – Cobra Kai Season 2

Last year, just after YouTube renamed it’s paid service to YouTube Premium (from YouTube Red!?!?), they released the first season of Cobra Kai. The series picks up the stories of Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) 34 years after the events shown in the original Karate Kid. What made it good? It turned the tables on the story we knew and gave us Johnny’s side. From his point-of-view, his lackluster, spiraling life began the day he lost his match to Daniel-san thanks to an illegal crane kick to the face… Season 2 should pick up right after the twist ending to last year’s hit first season. I recommend it if you saw the Karate Kid in your childhood, you’ll need to pay YouTube if you want to see it though.

Thursday – Avengers: Endgame

What else can I say here that any sane person reading this wouldn’t already know? This 3 hour finale(?) to one of the most successful franchises in cinematic history should answer all remaining questions, right all wrongs, feed the poor, and show us what it looks like when men and women band together to kick a god’s ass. I get tingly just thinking about it. Let’s be honest. This week would have been Nerd-pocalypse with just this movie’s premiere alone.

Sunday – Game of Thrones Episode 3

The first two episodes have put all the players on the board that we can expect to rally for Winterfell. Now, we have a week to debate over whom we expect to survive the carnage next week’s episode is sure to bring. Will even half of the heroes and erstwhile villains we saw assembled last night live to defend the North from the Lannister sell-sword army? Here’s a low-stakes prediction: Beric Dondarrion is a goner. No take-backs this time. Anyone else have a “who even cares” prediction?

Throughout – The Handmaid’s Tale Season 3 screeners

Over on and, my wife and I review TV shows on the podcast we’ve hosted for the last few years. We’ve been covering Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale since it came out two years ago. We also co-admin a large group for Handmaid’s fans over on FaceBook. This week, we learned we’d be getting our screener copies to help us put out our reviews on time. In a week already filled with creamy goodness, this is definitely the cherry on top (I hope you like food-based idioms).

So, look for an underwhelming word count update from a gushing fanboy, still mourning the deaths of probably half the cast of Game of Thrones next week. I know. That’s a LOT to look forward to. Wish me luck as I head into Nerd-pocalypse.

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