Let’s Get Started

I have to start somewhere, so here we go.

Let me introduce my book. Until I get a better idea, I’m calling it Redzone.

Elevator pitch: What happens when the first people in the world to gain superpowers are teenagers?

Longer spiel: I’ve been calling it a superhero origin story, but I like to think it could be more than that. In every other superhero origin you know, there’s already an established world of wonder into which the hero finds themselves born into.That usually means there are older or more experienced heroes and villains around for them to fight or pair up with.

That’s not the case in my world.

When my protagonists Tom and Julie find out they have superpowers, there’s not going to be a Yoda around to help them figure out how to use them. Thanks to the government’s family-imprisoning reaction to the crisis, there won’t be an Uncle Ben to tell them how to act, either.

So, the fate of the world is left up to super powered teens? That’s the big whoop?

That’s a pretty big whoop. Have you met any teenagers? (just saying)

This idea has been rattling around my brain for about a year and I should have the whole rough draft done by the end of this year. Using this blog, I’m going to keep track of my progress for anyone that cares to know.

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