Riding Dragons is a Family Affair

I plan on making semi-regular updates regarding the state of my first book, Redzone, with this shiny, new blog of mine. When you start seeing the word count reach somewhere in the 50,000+ range, then I’ve got enough for a novel. When you see the number reach up toward 80,000, then I’ve gotten pretty close to my actual target. Right now, Redzone‘s word count sits at 16,775. I’m no math major, but that looks like a whole lotta words left to go. Like, however much effort I’ve put into the bit I’ve got, I just need to quadruple that to get to the goal. No biggie.

Then, editing it and selling it. But that’s later. For now, we have the greatest distractor of the 20th century (internet’s got it beat these days): TV.

The last Targaryens to subjugate Westeros on Dragon-back were siblings, so at least our lovebirds have a generation between them… That’s the best I can do for positive spin. This does not have ‘happy ending’ written all over it, folks.

So, last night the final season of Game of Thrones premiered. You might find a couple spoilers below, so consider this sentence your warning.

Overall, I liked the episode, but weird aunt / nephew relationship between Dany and Jon still ooks me out whenever they start smooching. I mean I don’t think I’ve ever had an aunt as hot as Dany, so I can’t totally put myself in Jon’s boots, so I’m just going off general principle here (the principle about not getting naked with aunts or riding their dragons flirtatiously). But they look pretty hot on camera, so there’s that.

Some folks out there really disliked the “Let’s ride dragons” scene. If you thought that scene sucked, here’s what you need to know: only Targaryens can ride dragons. Dany and Jon don’t know that bit of dragon lore, so look out for another scene later on when anybody else approaches the dragons. They should get an entirely different reaction. Like, the growly, screamy, fiery kind of reaction. Is this subtle fact a good enough reason for this scene’s existence? Only if they pay it off later. Otherwise, the writers should have made the scene end with a threat or raising of the stakes (then again, more incestuous smooching between the lovers-that-should-not-be does raise the stakes, doesn’t it?). Stand-alone, we just got a scene that looks and feels lifted out of Avatar or Harry Potter.

The Night King definitely left a message: “I like flamy spirals.”

Last night’s death count was unexpectedly low. I kind of expected them to off a name-brand character, right off the bat, but no. It’s like the writers got to the end of the episode and realized they hadn’t killed anyone of any note. To make up for it, they agreed to dismember a kid. Sort of like an offering to their bloodthirsty audience. A chopped-up Little Lord Umber has to be worth like 3 or 4 regular adult killings by sword, right? I mean, if it weren’t for Theon of all people, we might not have seen anybody get killed last night. If you can even call a GOT episode without ten or so murders entertainment…

Anyone reading this, getting this far might be thinking, “I thought he’d talk about his book,” and they’d be right to think so. Just bear with me. We’ve got an extremely short GOT season to deal with and then… hopefully I don’t get distracted by something else. No promises though. Distractability is part of my charm. In the meantime, I’ll try to amuse you.

Until next time, let me know what you thought of the premiere. If you read this much and don’t actually watch GOT, well, keep that shame… shame… shame… to yourself (you’d get that joke and many more happening around you every day if you watched the show).

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