Redzone Refocus

I’ve taken a looooong break from Redzone. Too long really. I want to refocus. I’ve got an idea I want to inject into the story that will give it a longer, multi-part aspect I hadn’t considered before. The trouble is, the idea is getting too large for my wee brains to contain. I’ve got a mind-map I use to keep track of characters, story questions, plot ideas, and anything else I think relates to the story. So, given that, you might be thinking, “What’s the big deal then?”

I wonder that, too.

My primary question about how to proceed revolves around POV and the number of characters I’m using to tell the story. I think I’ve some interesting POV characters in Tom, Julie, and Clint (and more recently Janice, someone I’ve not introduced yet), but I haven’t gotten even one word of feedback from anyone, anywhere. The lack of feedback is a sort of feedback. The bad kind.

What tells me is that I haven’t written anything yet that rises to the point of deserving comment – either “This is great” or “This sucks”. It’s just blah. If you’ve read anything I’ve posted so far and have anything to say about it, let me know. I can take it. If I’m right about it just adding up to very blah, boring, mundane, nothing new writing, then I’m game for another approach.

I’m experimenting with some first-person, present-tense stuff in a short story format. If you’re interested, I can post it here. Again, just drop a comment. I think I may re-write Redzone combining the larger ideas I mentioned up-front with this first-person format when/if I do.

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