Chapter 3: Clint – The Not-so-Evil Bad Guy

Great stories depend on their villains. With Clint, I’m creating a guy that has to act as my story’s bad guy, but I could just as easily write the story with him, doing the same things, as the good guy. He’s stuck. He finds himself stuck in a position of having to do things he’d rather not in order to help his daughter. That makes Clint a very personal character for me – probably more so than any other in the book. This scene, which introduces Clint, contains moments and feelings drawn from real events in my own life.

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Other news on the book

Today’s word count: 21,225

I’m about to write the book’s first real super-action scene. I have some trepidation. On the one hand, I want my heroes to kick bad-guy ass wherever they go. On the other, I hate reading books like that. when a book’s hero walks into his or her first conflict, they need to come away licking their wounds. Otherwise, the story feels too easy, too linear. I’m going to try my best to keep that from happening. To call back to an earlier blog-post, when my heroes save the day, I want them to have earned it.

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