Chapter 2: Let’s Meet Julie

I guess I’ll operate under a “if you build it, they will come” kind of mantra for a little while. Not exactly getting much in the way of feedback yet, but so what? In art school, they always said no one would ever give a shit about your work unless you made them. In that spirit, I present my second chapter and introduction of Julie.

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She’s a lot different than Tom and I hope I’m capturing her character’s voice in a way that makes it feel very different than Tom’s chapter. If you get this far in the post AND have read both chapters, let me know how I’m doing on that.

Still Fleshing Out Some Backstory

As I wrote the backstory for my main characters, I knew what I wanted them to be. I just didn’t know anything else. I started pulling little threads out what I knew about them and tried sewing them together. What I got would have worked, but would have also been sort of blah. I think I’ve de-blahed both Julie, Tom, and my antagonist, Clint, now.

It’s funny though. It’s not like I tried to create arbitrary, nonsense backgrounds for these characters. I tried building them up out of nothing. Now, that I have a solid idea of where they all came from, I look back at the notes I’ve had to re-write and wonder if I was actively trying to write a shitty story full of missed opportunities.

Word Count Update

Also, for anyone keeping track, this week’s word count update puts me at 20,746. That’s an increase of just over 1000 words since my last update. I found the time to lay down that skeleton of a new chapter. Yay, progress!

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